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Cloud Technology & Security Solutions

Cloud Security Solutions:

Cloud computing, mobility and virtualization not only enable various ventures to enhance their agility and flexibility at a fast pace, but exposes client data various security threats. We offer cloud security solutions and support to encounter these threats. There no questions that organizations should implement efficient cloud security measures, but appropriate security tools have to be sourced, assessed, and implemented, and that is where Omo Systems can help clients. Cloud security is an evolving challenge which can be addressed only if the technologies and tools are structured to grow along with it. In situations like this, we help organizations to look for security solutions that better safeguard their cloud architecture and subsequently help them avoid security breaches.

Cloud Technologies:

Our Subject Matter expertise includes management and system administration support for technologies like Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google cloud. We offer support for cloud computing in platforms, infrastructure, and software: PaaS, SaaS, IaaS. Services include compliance and governance, as well as oversight for SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS products available on GovCloud and commercial clouds.

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